Crawfish is a true comfort for those from the South. Experience this wonderful southern delicacy at Buster’s Crawfish.

Crawfish: What are they and why are they so popular?

For people from the northern United States, crawfish may seem like an odd choice for a meal. But, if you are from the southern states, especially Louisiana, crawfish is a staple in your diet.

Crawfish look like small lobsters and are found in freshwater. Their taste is described as somewhere between crab and shrimp, but their flavor profile will be unlike anything you’ve ever had before. They have a delicate sweet and salty flavor that we, here at Buster’s, strive to highlight, instead of mask with high spice levels.

Boiling is the most popular cooking method for crawfish lovers. They are typically seasoned with a blend of spices containing cayenne pepper, garlic, bay leaves, herbs and dill. Often, andouille sausage is added to the boil for a twist. Vegetables like onion, corn, red potatoes and mushrooms may be added to further enhance the flavor of these delicate creatures.

Crawfish, or crawdads as locals like to call them, can also be grilled, baked and fried. At Buster’s, we specialize in boiling them. To us, it is the only way, and the best way, to prepare them. Regionally, the seasoning and cooking method may change, but Buster’s always strives for authenticity in our Cajun seafood boils.

Crawfish are abundantly found in the bayous of Louisiana. And, because of their abundance, quickly became a staple in Cajun cooking. Over 95% of all the crawfish eaten in the United States are harvested in the Louisiana bayous.

If you are new to eating crawfish, it may seem daunting. However, there is no reason to fear these little creatures, most parts of them are edible. You can consume their claws, legs and tails – the tails are regarded as the most flavorful part!

Eating crawfish can also be a bit of a messy experience – you eat them with your hands. Don’t forget to suck the juices out of the crawfish’s head – this portion of the critter is heralded as a delicacy for its briny, sweet taste. If you want to really show off your crawfish-eating skills, you can scoop fat out of the head to eat as well – another great part of the crawfish to eat.

However, some people simply just focus on the tails, as they are the easiest part to get to. But, we always recommend sucking the juice out of the head as well, as this is where the broth they were cooking in tends to accumulate for a powerful punch of flavor.

To eat the tail, twist it away to snap it off of the head. Much like how you eat a shrimp, peel the shell away and enjoy! It is also good practice to never eat a crawfish with a straight tail. The flavor will not be as good. As a tip from many seasoned crawfish eaters, always start with the biggest ones first, slowly working your way down to the smallest ones.

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About the food

Like the name suggests, Buster’s is known for their crawfish boils and other seafare, a boil house at heart. Starting with live crawfish and our unique seasoning blend, combined with butter, lemon and pepper, highlights the unique flavor profile of our crawfish. 

In addition to our famous crawfish boils, we also serve shrimp, snow crab, and specials of the 3 combined. All boils are served with a side of corn and potatoes. 

If shellfish isn’t your thing, Buster’s has other cajun classics to offer. However, be sure to check out our menus online, as they may vary location to location. From fried fish, to the po boy, there is something here for everyone.

We also serve other southern classics like hush puppies, boudin egg rolls, and fried okra. Our Lake Conroe location offers burgers, alligator bites and fries. For kids, we offer chicken nuggets, fried fish and corn dogs.

What our customers have to say

We don’t need fancy awards, like the James Beard, to know how to cook crawfish. 

We also know claiming to be the best crawfish shack in Houston is a lot to back up. So, here are a few things our customers have to say about our food and the atmosphere here at Buster’s Crawfish. 

“Crawfish is the best in North Houston” -Stephanie H.

“The service was the best you can ask for!” – Robin W.

“Excellent and offered at a great price.” – Brandon F.

“Perfect as always, the owners know what is up with the way crawfish should be cooked . . . If I don’t cook them myself then I’m picking them up from the crew at Buster’s.” – Billy R.

But, don’t just trust these reviews from Yelp, come on in to Buster’s Crawfish to try a seafood boil for yourself. With 2 locations in Conroe and 1 in Katy, we are here to serve you our house specials and love of this classic Louisiana staple (LA) crawfish. 

Visit us

The best time to visit us is during crawfish season, which lasts from early spring through the summer months, but no matter the time of year, Buster’s is always ready to serve you the best crawfish Texas has to offer. With live music on the weekends and our customer-first mentality, Buster’s is a family-friendly restaurant that everyone can enjoy.

If you are in the Houston area, be sure to visit Buster’s Crawfish. With 4 locations across Texas, no matter where you are, you can enjoy traditional cajun boils. Come visit us at our 3 locations, all within an hour radius from Bayou City, located in Conroe and Katy. Visit our website and call to book a table at Buster’s Crawfish today.